Saturday 10 August 2002

American Airlines A300 Fleet Standards Manager Resigns

A portion of the resignation letter:

"I believe there is a God in Heaven. I believe in absolute truth, not a fictional notion of relativity. I believe morals are based on beliefs, and beliefs are based on absolutes. I believe in right and wrong, not some abstract form of diversity. I believe a man should keep his word, stand for what is right, and stand against that which is wrong. I believe ethics should be immune from compromise. I believe in order and purpose, not chance, luck or coincidence. I believe Honor stands the test of time. I believe in the sacred trust between friends. I believe that one does not betray a friend, no matter the cost. I believe orphans need a home, and children need a father. I believe in the love of my wife and smiles from my children. Though I am a simple man, this is what I believe. Based on recent events and what I profess to believe, I am formally resigning as Fleet Standards manager A300."

[surely these things are kind of important to all of us, I'm not religious in the traditional sense but I do know what's important :- ed ]

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