Micro Nuke Used in Bali “Terrorist” Lookalike Attack
Zionists forcing Australian support for American war on Iraq

Copyright Joe Vialls, 14 October 2002
...and more than 100 cars
47 Buildings trashed...
Deep 5' crater in street proves weapon
was denonated in sub-surface sewer  
           At 11.05 p.m. local time on Saturday night, a giant blast scattered pieces of the Sari Nightclub right across  Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia. Though two other synchronized blasts shook the American Consulate and a Philippines travel agency office at exactly the same time, there were no injuries or deaths at these other locations, both of which served as mere “flash cards” to reinforce the unexpected presence of “Al Qaeda” in this beautiful tourist paradise.
            Al who? So far as I am aware, the Muslim world does not yet have access to a sophisticated “Special Atomic Demolition Munitions [SADM]”, one of which certainly went critical in a sewer more than four feet below the road bed outside the Sari club.  Within five microseconds of detonation the awesome million-foot-per-second shock wave hurled two tons of road bed and sand particles upwards and outward in a deadly fan, cutting tourists to bloody ribbons and hurling body parts for several blocks. The body count is currently 187, with more than 300 injured.
           The blast from this weapon was so severe that its detonation terminally damaged 47 buildings in the immediate area, and trashed more than one hundred vehicles. In the words of a tourist who earlier survived attacks on London during the nineties, “I felt my hotel shake violently and ran to look out of the window.  In the distance I could see a large white mushroom cloud, and knew I wasn’t looking at an ordinary attack.”
            Photographic evidence proving the use of an unconventional weapon was edited out almost immediately by the major media, though not from the amateur video camera which provided the picture at top center above. It alone shows the deep crater being probed by Indonesian police and military with a [very long] pole. The very presence of the crater itself proves the weapon was detonated sub-surface, while the crater’s depth in combination with its diameter, prove the depth at which the weapon was initially placed.
            Anyone doubting the nuclear identity of this weapon should take a look at the biggest car bombs detonated in Northern Ireland during the thirty years of trouble, which ranged in size up to 1,000 pounds of conventional explosive. None of them left craters in the road, because simple physics dictate that shock waves always takes the line of least resistance – largely outwards and upwards to atmosphere. Nor am I aware of any 1,000 pound IRA car bomb trashing 47 buildings and 100 vehicles.     
This thousand-pound  IRA car bomb was detonated in Omagh during August 1998, killing 29 people but leaving no crater.  
           An equally valid example would be the Israeli destruction of  Arafat’s compound in Ramallah. Overall, the Jewish State took more than a week to trash significantly fewer than 47 buildings, despite the fact they were brazenly attacking every day with multiple 120-mm tank guns and Hellfire missiles.   
            It is factual information like this that helps us to analyze the available evidence at the crime scene, in order to determine which weapon or weapons were used, and hopefully by whom. At the very minimum the damage caused in the Kuta  Beach area would require an 8,000 pound HE blast-bomb of the sort used on London during the Second World War. Problem! How on earth do you squeeze 8,000 pounds of very bulky low-specific-gravity HE into a twelve-inch  diameter sewerage pipe, located nearly five feet underground?
           Obviously what you need is a specialized weapon significantly less than twelve inches in diameter, but with a blast capability significantly in excess of 8,000 pounds of conventional explosive. Believe me people, there is only one weapon for the job, which explains why you will probably never see the damning crater picture at the top of this page anywhere else.
            The actual photograph of  SADM shown below is of an early version nominally rated at 10 tons TNT equivalent.   More recent variants are as small as a coffee mug, though still very heavy, and have explosive yields ranging from 2 to 100 tons TNT equivalent.  Nations possessing such weapons include America, Britain, France, Israel and Russia, with China a distinct possibility. In turn, under top-secret defense agreements with one of more of the above nations, certain Commonwealth and other countries maintain a strictly limited stock of  “proxy weapons” on their own sovereign territory.
           Bearing in mind the fact that Bali is a hugely popular destination for Australians, many of whom were killed in the blast, the attack seems aimed at shifting Australian public opinion towards an attack on Iraq, or even an attack on Islam in general. 
            Until now most Australians have been loudly opposed to any premeditated strike on the Middle East, to the point where the only people in Australia blatantly playing “Rambo” and apparently obeying the American Zionists without question, are Prime Minister John Howard, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, and a loose group of obsequious followers. In fact their blatantly subservient behavior recently offended a member of the opposition so much,  he felt moved to publicly call John Howard an “Arse Licker”.
            To suggest that Australian politicians actually caused the attack on their own citizens in Bali, and now have Australian blood on their hands would be technically inaccurate and probably unfair.  But it is certainly fair to say that a limited number of politicians have led the American Zionists to believe they have the full support of  Australia and its military forces, when this is demonstrably untrue.
            Playing silly little political games like these can be dangerous. Do doubt the Zionists initially believed the “full support” statements gushing out of Canberra, and only found out later that the Australian Government would not be able to deliver on its rash promises.  Annoying, but not insurmountable for people as depraved and ruthless as the Zionists. All they had to do was dispatch a two-man team to Bali with a SADM, in order to force “simple” Australians to see it their way.
            What will haunt me for many years is not knowing what might have happened in Bali, if from the outset Australian officials had taken the hard line advocated by a vast majority of the electorate, and refused to participate in pre-emptive action against the Middle East. With no forward expectations of assistance  “built in” by ignorant fools in Canberra, the Zionists might have forgotten all about Australia. And if they had forgotten, then perhaps all those tourists would not have died in Bali on Saturday night.
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